The Co-Op Needs You!

Amid a wide variety of transitions, we have been having a difficult time keeping the store staffed with volunteers.  Volunteering is fun, simple, and a great way to connect to your community.  If you’re interested in giving a few hours of your time to invest in and connect with your community, please reach out to our interim volunteer coordinator, Tokeisha Stevens.  She can be reached at MozaicStar [at] gmail dot com.


  1. Leilani Monfort says:

    Hi – I just moved to Columbus from California to move my son to the Children’s Hospital here and am living very close by to your co-op. I am brand new and haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, but I would love to stop in and also talk about volunteering a day a week.
    Let me know what you need and I’d love to contribute!
    – Leilani

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